Texte du sujet: Surnaturel, sujet 3 : "Danse macabre"

She is sitting un her room crying on her love for a man who never sees her. But death is charming and already in love with her...



I'm living in the darkness

waiting with my sadness

shadow is my home

i whish that he comes


oh my love you are so beautiful

with your lips red and full

can't you see he is so blind

not to see such a perfect mind


he is always with me

but he never sees me

he is always glad

and never sees i'm sad


come with me my darling

let him regrets his feelings

we can be happy together

it would be you and me forever


i'm alone lying down

whishing he would come

and i ear your whisperings

your promises are tempting


don't you see i love you

don't you see i desire you

please come with me tonight

i'll be your charming knight


take my hand and sorrow

guide me throught the shadow

make me forget his name

please take away my pain


at last you give me a chance

oh my dear come and dance

show me that smile on your face

and gladly accept my embrace


willingly i dance with you

willingly i leave with you

blood flowding on the sheets

life leaving along my wrists



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Good job ! Very 'song like'. I want to record it and share it ha ha

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